2014.11.15 -16 all varieties of the national exhibition in Kaunas


Samojed kennel this weekend had "Mazoji Loke" debut in Kaunas with two litters of puppies (C). On the first first day judged the judge from Croatia Tino Pehar, who appreciated our puppies excellent descriptions:) Small bear Crazy Daisy: Beautiful young baby, nice type, lovely and dark eyes, super body for age, moves and before the time of the star. Small bear Coco Jumbo: 4 months age, g. (g) the proportions of the head, a bit big around the eyes, ex. pigmentation, moves to bite future stars.
On the second day judged the judge from Serbia once again great place, Miloslava Matejevic and we were very satisfied with the results and descriptions. Also in the best baby contest, litle bear Lokė Crazy Daisy won Bis Baby2. We would like to thank for the entire support team and hope to meet in Kedainiai show,  December, 07. 🙂



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