About the breed


apie_04So far it is not clear from where the northern residents had gotten Laika like dog. Similar to the samojed dogs were spoted many years ago, before the birth of Christ, while traveling from the territory of Iran with its accompanying through Mongolia in the North. Whey settled in the Ural, Archangelsk and Yenisei regions. Exists and another version of the origin of the dog – it is possible, that they are originated from domesticated polar Wolf. In the past, they called the Arctic Nenets, smiling Shpitz. Later appeared and name bjelkier
Samoyed isapie_01 a tribe, part of the family, they were settled in the Sayan snowy thundra areas to the coast of the Arctic. Here they are from generation to generation, lived the roaming life, which is simply impossible without the reindeer. Samoyed were great hunters of wild animals, a unique view of the guardians, the reindeer keepers. When parents moved to hunting children were left in the care of the dogs knowing that in the event of danger, samoyed will be able to defend or just cheer up babe having fun playing with it. Not quite so in the very large very frost these dogs warn peaoples. However, somyed had not become pampered, they remained hard workers and took a part in the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. The Norwegian Arctic Explorer Fritjofas Nansenas, in yaer 1893 used samoyed in their expedition. The dogs showed iron endurance,  however, the number of dog-sled rides killed in ice properšose. In England, this breed spoted for the first time about a hundred years ago. They were admired by Queen Alexandra, the offspring of these dogs now can be found in many parts of England and America catteries. Nowdays they are paplite almost everywhere. Samoyed is closest to the primitive dog in these dogs can be found even the Wolf or Fox in the bud. Arctic Sun and snow did his job: these cichlid, throughout the yeaapie_03r a luxury coat. From age to age, from generation to generation samoyed lived with the people and, therefore, are able to understand their host from the side of the word. It is not surprising that these dogs have distinct characteristics, namely the children's innocence and spontaneity. Many people found samoyed one of beutiest dogs around the world. And realy it is hard to distract the eye from the phenomenon of white dog with a big smile and a keen glance?.


Samoyed is gentle and intelligent, so he is not good for the protection of the dog: he barks, but not bites.
Because of his soft character samoyed is very suitable for families whith childrens, because they are very fond of the company of children from the age of maturity and playful.
apie_06In order to fully unleash the potential of the dog, the owner must be close and constant communicate with the pet. They are unbearable for loneliness. It is very important to give them their intellectual activities to stimulate development of character. They are the sharp mind and mental, stable dogs. They are gentle, Submissive, sensitive character, endurance. Samoyed can demonstrate stubborn character, but never will be aggressive. They will not attack the first fight with other dogs, but is always able to defend themselves. In General, these dogs excellent co-exists with cats, other dogs and pets. Samoyedi can live in the city, however, the need to provide such conditions that the dog could make a move and run. They love the long and active walks.

Looks like

samojedasThe coat is usually very white, but can occur in brownish fur colour. Ears with thick hair, which protects it from the cold. A robust head with its deep, dark eyes is a real contrast of white hair. The average length of the body is solid and muscular. After the long hair located soft, thick undercout. Legs straight, high and relatively flat feet, a very long an impressive tail.


It is easy to maintain white samoyed coat. After drying stuck in the mud dog become white again. However,  a special brush should be applied on a daily basis. The coat has a unique property to brush themselve. And, if you can would like, after spining, knitted wool ones, ensure safety from cold and damp, but can help from the pain of arthritis and rheumatismapie_07
Great news for those that are annoying to a specific dog smell, samoyed smells like winter, but not like a dog! Their coat does not have a specific smell. And yet, samoyed coat is "thermos": in the winter it warms up the dog's body, and in summer helps to keep from overheating.